Illustration by Sophie Morro


Friday, June 1
8:30am - 5:30pm


Saturday, June 2
8:30am - 4:00pm

Rafiki Coalition
601 Cesar Chavez
San Francisco, CA 94124


The Summit features dynamic speakers, health symposia, health screenings, local performers and artists, nutritional food, free therapeutic massage, chiropractic and acupuncture services, a vendor fair and the Pop-Up Resource Village.

Keynote panelists are Dr. Wade Nobles, founder and executive director of the Institute for the Advanced Study of Black Family Life and Culture, Inc., and Dr. Joy DeGruy, internationally renowned researcher, educator and author of Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome: Be the Healing.


Five Keys Mobile Classroom, Butterfly Movement Blender-Bike Smoothies & Cooking Demonstration, Herbal Medicine, Barber, Pop-Up Shops...




 Illustration by Sophie Morro

Illustration by Sophie Morro

April 18

Mandela Foods Cooperative
1430 7th Street
Oakland 94607



  • The Butterfly Movement Blender-Bike Smoothies

Hors d’oeuvre

  • Bahia Movement / Cadence (Ase to the Ancestors with Dance and Song)


  • Apothecary To The People

A La Carte

  • Barber to the People
  • Massage by Lioness Healing Services

salad & choups!

  • Self-Help Credit Union
  • Five Keys Schools

Main courses

  • Zella’s Soulful Kitchen
  • Culinary Cruiser
  • Hella Hood Vegan Chefs
  • Mandela Foods Cooperative 
  • Amatula Designs


  • Gorilla Green Juice


  • Go Live with Ama, Raw Pie Pop-Up Demonstration

We hope you'll join us
@ Rafiki Coalition on June 1 & 2!

Friday, June 1, 9am - 5:30pm
Saturday, June 2, 9am - 4:00pm
Rafiki Coalition
601 Cesar Chavez, San Francisco, CA 94124

What is a Pop-Up Village?


The Pop-Up Resource Village is a site activation project that harnesses the power of design to catalyze the magic that emerges when people and programs come together in public space. Its mission is to create a village of civic resources for under-resourced communities so they can thrive.

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Eliminating Barriers


The Pop-up Resource Village addresses the lack of access to resources, and the economic and social isolation many communities face, by bringing together a constellation of dynamic programming — health and wellness, youth and family, retail, food, and education resources — in customized buses, vans, pop-up shops, furniture, and other types of mobile architecture and nature.

Women's Resource Bus_Interior_PRV Anchor Tenant.jpg

Gathering Places


Place matters, and its power has been taken from those who stand to gain the most from its thoughtful creation. The Pop-Up Resource Village and our program partners use these tools to heal our communities — to improve social cohesion, increase public safety, reduce recidivism — all through the power of creative placemaking.


Social Services

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Food + Agriculture




Health + Wellness

Arts + Culture

Entrepreneurship+ Job Creation



Designing Justice + Designing Spaces

At Designing Justice + Designing Spaces (DJDS) we believe that the built environment embodies many of our society’s gross inequities. Through our innovations in architecture and real estate development, we seek to end the crisis caused by mass incarceration by supporting re-entry and diversion programs and practices. With our non-profit, government and community partners, we co-create new prototypes such as peacemaking centers, mobile classrooms, and housing for foster age youth. Together, we harness the power of the built environment to create triple bottom line equity and support the success and expansion of restorative justice, education, and workforce development programs.  Learn more.

Five Keys Mobile Community Engagement Workshop2.JPG

Five keys schools and programs

Founded by the SF Sheriff's department in 2003, the Five Keys Charter School was founded as a solution to studies showing that increased academic achievement is one of the most reliable predictors of reducing recidivism. The five Keys are education, Employment, Recovery, Family, and Community. Five Keys Charter School offers a high quality education to inmates in the San Francisco jails, as well as in the Los Angeles in-custody facilities. Their programs are helping thousands of students to get high school diplomas, GED’s, jobs, and life skills training. Learn more. 


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